Proyecto Cero is a creative studio that analyzes and develops conceptual ways to apply in the business spaces.

What does the client feel when they enter my business? How is the client interacting with my products and services? Is the aesthetic perception of the space aligned with the goal of my brand? What is the connection between my business and its surroundings? These are some of the key questions of the methodology for emerging and existing business designed by Proyecto Cero.

Founded by Cristina Mingot, architect, and Gaizka Diaz, graphic designer; together they generate a process of analysis and planning that helps to understand, to define and to expand new dimensions of the brand:


Analyzing the needs of the organization and defining its values.


Researching visual, sensorial and social trends that embrace positively the brand’s identity.


Creating a liquid planning that generates conceptual ways of development for the business, “projecting” to a new level:
· The brand’s goal.
· The aesthetic essence of its spaces.
· The intrinsic values of their products and services.
· The customer experience.

Among others, Cristina and Gaizka have worked for:

Apple, Barnes and Noble, Waterstones, La Feltrinelli, La Central, Terraza Martinez and Museo Reina Sofía.